Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hot Pot Night

One of the fun things I enjoy a lot (and can take previlledge of) in Hong Kong is to gather with old friends from SFCC. ^_^ Since we have such a big group, only gathering on special occasions (e.g. X'mas, new year, etc) and people's birthdays is already enough for a busy gathering schedule!! ^o^

Like Sunday, we used Jennifer's birthday as an excuse and gathered at MDuck's place to have hot pot. (yea, Jen's bday passed a few days ago already... haha...)

Busy setting up the table for hot pot

Look at all the meat we had!!

Shrimp and Crab too!! haha... Luxury hot pot!!

Of coz, can't miss the Greens!!

Let's take a picture before we all turned into a bunch of "eating monsters"!!! ^o^

Look at all the food we prepared!! It's OUTRAGEOUS!!! How can such "small-sized" people eat so much food!!??! haha~

The pot is boiling~~~ yay!!

Let's START!!!!!

It was VERY delicious. I kept on stuffing food into my tummy even though I was already full~ ^_^ Couldn't stop eating at all!!!

I don't know how we did it, but we DID --> we did finish all the food~ And guess what, even had room for our dessert, a bday cheese cake for Jennifer~ (well... of coz, we ALL part-take in it!!)

Happy BBBBBB, Jennifer!!! (^o^)v

The cheese cake was a double cheese cake, a soft cheese layer on top of a hard cheese layer. It was........ soooooooooo. YUMMY!!!!

Wait?! Talking on cell phone while taking a picture??! Must be very important call!! =D

Yum yum... Let's check out what other cheese cake flavor we can buy for the next bday party!!

Look at how tan Winnie is!! =D (Of coz, just came back from land full of sunshine, Australia!! Of coz it's different!! haha~)

Oh my gosh... it's so SHINY. I can't see ;)
(Jennifer flashing her bday present, a gigantic crystal ring from her favorite brand !!)

I love being in Hong Kong !!! ^_______________^

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