Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Food Day

If we don't need to work on the weekend, then that weekend is usually our trying-new-restaurant(s) weekend. Being the ultimate food critics, Mike does all the hardcore research on which one to go to, reading all kinds of food blogs, looking up restaurants on OpenRice, googling for restaurant recommendations, etc. We don't usually agree with the recommendations from those food blogs, though, today we seemed to have extreme good luck. We had an excellent GOOD FOOD DAY !! =)

First stop : Vietnamese Food

First stop of our good food day was this Vietnamese restaurant in Jordan. Since we are both lazy people, we don't usually go over to the Kowloon side for food, unless we both want to try that restaurant A LOT. Today was a bit different though. We needed to buy a backpack for tomorrow's hiking trip, so we planned to go to Mong Kok (on Kowloon side) anyways. From Mike's food research, he found out this Vietnamese restaurant that supposedly has very yummy Vietnamese sandwiches.

When we got into the restaurant, they told us they DO NOT have the Vietnamese sandwiches!!!!! P_P What actually happened was that they have two of the same restaurants within a 2 blocks distance; one has sandwiches, and the other one doesn't. Being disappointed, we went to the one that doesn't... We already sat down at the table and drank tea, so it would be really impolite to leave. Luckily, the decision to stay was a good one. Despite the fact that they don't have the sandwiches we originally hoped for, they gave us many good surprises!! All the things that we ordered were yummy!! ^o^

This rice-wrap appetizer was VERY delicious! Inside was a bunch of fresh veggie stir-fry. Texture is a bit crunchy, which I think is because of the chestnut that they mixed in it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Next we had a standard Vietnamese cold noodles with grilled pork. The pork was well-cut and tenderer than what you usually get at a similar restaurant. Portion of meat to noodles was excellent as well.

Being a big tomato fan, I ordered this tomato crab noodles soup. The tomato-based soup was flavorful (though a bit early). They mixed eggs into the meat and made it taste very new and different (to me anyways). The biggest plus was that they actually sliced a whole sweet, juicy tomato into the soup, which you would not find easily in other restaurants.

Even their drinks are yummy ^_^ haha~ I abandoned my normal favorite, milk tea, and ordered a hot salty honey orange tea instead. Very refreshing!!

We have already agreed that we'll definitely go back to try more of their dishes. I was swallowing (somewhat forcefully) my saliva back into my throat when I saw somebody ordered a curry dish that looked just purely tempting!!! Oh yeah, and that Vietnamese sandwiches as well!!! We'll have to remember to go to the other one for that though!!! haha~

Next Stop : Egg Puff (Hong Kong Style)

If you think after having such a yummy and satisfying lunch, Mike and I would not think about food until dinner time, then you don't really know us =) Well... mostly him, I guess. On our way to Mong Kok, we passed by this street vendor specializing in HK style egg puff.

You can tell they are famous by all the posters and newspaper coverage on their signs.

And of coz, the VERY LONG line of people waiting to buy their egg puff.

Knowing what a big egg puff fan Mike is, of coz, I immediately occupied a "space" for him in the line. Not even 5 seconds after we were in line, there were already 3-4 people lining up behind us. Crazy!!

For those who don't know what HK style egg puff is, it is kinda like a sweet crispy pastry made with a fluffy batter into the shape of many tiny "eggs". These are the tools they use to heat up the batter and make them puff up into the egg shape. (I know i know, it looks a bit dirty... Guess they have too many customers that they don't really have time to clean up after each making). I was actually a bit surprised that Mike would be willing to try despite their cleanliness level...

Da-da!! The infamous HK style egg puff - warm and fresh and fluffy!! We tasted that they actually mixed the batter with some tiny banana chunks to give it a different flavor. Secret ingredients???!!

Yet Another Stop : Mango coconut milk drinks

With lots of yummy Vietnamese lunch and fresh egg puff pastry in our tummy, we took a 20 min walk from Jordan to Mong Kok (more like "rolling with our fat tummies" instead of walking, haha...) And guess what, the first thing we did when we arrived Mong Kok was ....

Getting our favorite Mango coconut milk drinks from this busy drink and snacks shop. This has become our "tradition" every time when we go to Mong Kok. We have tried lots of different places and decided that this little shop has the best mango coconut milk drink!! (believe it or not, their is even better than Hui Lau Shan's!!)

"Two mango coconut milk drinks without sago, please".

It's not until we finished the last drop of our mango drinks that we found ourselves a small backpack suitable for tomorrow hiking trip. =) Yay, happy us with our happy tummies!! ^o^

Extra : Funny sign (not-food related)

And on our way back, we saw this hilarious sign. That poor guy in the picture...

Last but not Least : Mike's bean and onion chili

Don't worry, it's not until dinner time that we stuffed ourselves again. After a good many hours of rest, our stomachs are ready for more yummy food again!! Mike likes cooking and is good at it too!! Me? hmm... I'm an "adventurous" and "okay" cook (though I am sure if you ask Mike, he'll give you a different answer ;)

Lately Mike has found some good recipes for a bunch Indian curries. He has been having very good success rate too... This week, though, he took a break from Indian curries, and tried a Mexican-ish tomato chili with beans and onion.

This is the original recipe he found online.

He took out the chicken from the recipe (yea, Mike's "no meat" cooking philosophy) and skipped the jalapeƱo, since I can't eat spicy (yea, I know I know, I am missing out...)

But it was still surprisingly yummy, especially when you eat it with fresh, warm French bread from City Super. Yum yum...

We ate so much beans that... hehe... I could just smell the gas is coming our way... ^o^

Conclusion : Hurray to our GREAT, AWESOME FOOD DAY!!!!

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