Monday, October 15, 2007

Dessert Fiesta

After a whole week of extreme hard work, we treated ourselves to dessert multiple times. Haha... best way (for me) to cheer myself up ;) And of coz, poor Mike just had to "follow" me, the ultimate "commander" (^_~)v

First: Traditional Style Dessert

We discovered a new Chinese/Macau dessert place on Jaffe, which has delicious Biscuit Pudding.

What is Biscuit Pudding? Well... it looks like this~

It is made of, as its name implied, biscuit crumbs and a whole bunch of cream!! Christina pointed out that it's a Macau dessert. hehe... Yum yum....

Though both Mike, Christina and I all agreed that it tasted more like ice-cream cake if it's cold enough. The trick is to eat it before it gets warm, otherwise it will melt.

The night we went out with Christina, Mike ordered a blueberry flavored one. But we were having so much fun chatting and laughing that at the end the pudding kinda melt... >_< href="">

It's a bit sucky that they don't have my favorite sweet tofu dessert though... So every time when I crave sweet tofu, I need to go to "Mun Gei" on the neighboring street to get it, which always has a longer line... >_<

Next: Pancakes Fever

Then on Sunday, Mike and I discovered this restaurant in Kowloon that specializes in pancakes. As big pancake fans like him and I, of coz we'd have to try it AT ONCE!! The first things that it attracted us were all the pretty pancake pictures on its menu; however, the real thing that ended up stealing most of my attention was ........... THIS!!!
It's eggshell-shaped chair. There are two kinds. One kind is a swing one, with transparent shell, and the other one is what we got. They are ridiculously cute!!!

Apparently, they are comfy too!! ZZZzzzzzzZZzzzz....

Help!!! I couldn't stop taking pictures of the cute chair. But fortunately.....

Our pancakes and coconut sweet milk toast (which I didn't get a chance to take a picture of, since Mike was so hungry that he already ate half of it when I took out my camera) came!!!!

See!! How proud he was for his toast-eating (more like toast-inhaling) speed!!!!

I LOVE MY DESSERT!!!!!!!!! ^___________________^

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