Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hiking and photo-walk at Pok Fu Lam Reservoir

The temperature has finally dropped from skying high to a relatively more bearable level in Hong Kong lately. Mike and I couldn't wait to go on our first hiking trip since Summer!! =D Destination was decided to be Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, which neither of us had been to.

Andrei and Erica came as well! Since we hadn't been hiking for awhile, and the weather was still a bit hot, we decided to have a causal hike and blend in a bit of a "photo-walk" element into it. =D

Andrei was nice enough to bring along his two DSLRs and let me borrow one! Mike and Erica both bought their own digital camera as well!! haha... everybody, ready? GO!!! (snap snap snap snap!!!!)

I had never used a DSLR before. First impression was.... why are there so many buttons and settings and circle things that you can turn, press or mug with?!!!! --__--

Two minutes into our hike, Andrei already found his first target!!!

And I, hehe... wouldn't want to lose and immediately picked up my DSLR and started to "pretend" to be a PRO, haha !!!

Oh wow... huge leaf!!! (snap snap)

Wow... butterfly!!!! (snap snap)
Yea, I know my body language looked a bit weird here, but... come on, people were trying to take pictures here!! Wasn't exactly posing for somebody else to take pictures of, am I ?! ;)

Andrei and Erica, look here!!! =D (snap snap)

Somebody couldn't wait to see their own picture, haha!!

As we hiked along, we discovered one thing -- almost all the slopes were registered under HK government dept.

I wondered if they do this in the States as well? hmm... Didn't notice when we hiked in CA before... so guess not...

Andrei, are you sneaking up on me from behind?! ^_^

Oh I see, let's have a taking-pictures-of-each-other-taking-pictures-contest!! =)
And of coz, since both Andrei and I were busy taking pictures of each other taking pictures, this one was OBVIOUSLY taken by yet another person!! (and guess who that would be~) ^_~

Found the culprit!!! (hey, dun pretend you knew nothing but was just innocently taking pictures of some "convenient" leaves next to you!!!)

Reservoir was really pretty!! Though Mike did point out that the water looked a bit too suspiciously green...

Still a very pretty place away from the city, I think. Ideal for weekends when you want to forget temporarily the busy work schedule that is waiting for you on Monday...

My First DSLR Attempt

1. The Leaves Collection
I really like the color green, so very naturally, I was drawn into taking pictures of all these pretty leaves of different level of green...

2. The Stone Collection

3. The Plant Collection

4. The Tree Collection

5. The Water Collection

6. The Flowing Water Collection

7. The Funny Sign Collection

I know i know, this house-looking thing is not really a sign... but I like its shape, so ;)

8. The People Collection


In general, I'd say my first DSLR was mostly a failure. ;) There were a couple of pictures that I think were okay, but the rest... hehe.. need lots of work on!!
First goal for myself is to get more familiar with the various settings of the camera and then work on composition of the pictures.

Though I kinda sucked at it for now and didn't know much about photography before, but I enjoyed IT a lot~!! And I also found out (and was surprised by) how many people around me are into photograph as well !! hehe... good learning source!! Need to look up more stuff and try out new techniques as I learn!! =D Ganbatte!!! Yosh!!! (ohohoh... and also need to be nice to Andrei so he'd let me borrow his DSLR again) hehe... ^_~ (evil grin)

Look how "involved" I was when I was taking pictures!! ^_^

Yea!~ Ganbatte!!! Yosh!!!

Hehe... Definitely looking forward to next photo-walk and hike!!!


Natsuko said...

Wow, how nice! lots of green...
You can do photosynthesis here...(´ー`)y─┛~~

Caroline said...

haha... I know, generated lots of H2O that day~ (^0^)v