Sunday, February 03, 2008


Mike and I accidentally discovered Pocoyo, possibly the cutest and coolest pre-school animated cartoon ever, while I was randomly switching through the TV channels on a cold Sunday afternoon.
It was on one of the English channels and we were instantly attracted by its cuteness and vibrancy. I don't remember last time a kid's cartoon that clearly targeted at pre-school children actually captured my attention.

But Pocoyo is different. According to the producer, the series is a "revolutionary programme designed to entertain and educate". The main character is a 4 year old boy called "Pocoyo" (means "Little Me" in Spanish). He is "an unforgettable little boy with a very big personality and curiosity".

Pocoyo and his friends, Ellie (the tall pink elephant), Pato (the scared duckly), Loula (the cheery doggie), and Sleepy Bird (well... duh!! this one is obviously), through different daily episodes and unexpected adventures, bring the audience together to learn through laughter and fun.

I feel like I am there the whole time with all of them together playing, sharing and exploring!!!

Even Mike has become hooked on Pocoyo too. We went crazy after we watched the 5 minute episode on TV and started searching for it online.

We found out that the cartoon was originally produced in Spain, aired in 100 countries, and has apparently become a big hit in lots of different places. They even have their own Pocoyo YouTube channel.

And here is a little something to show you why I have become so crazily addicted to POCOYO!!!!!

He is my new IDOL!!

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