Friday, February 08, 2008

Chinese new year night walk

"Happy Chinese New Year, everybody!!!" --> the "must-say" intro on such an important day for Chinese people!! =)

Mike has been sick for a few days, and I was a bit under the weather as well, so we had a pretty quiet day on the first day of the year of Rat. Nothing special, mostly working and resting. After being trapped inside for a whole day, we decided to take a quick walk outside to feel the festive spirit.

First surprise - The empty, quiet street
The street that our apartment is on is full of restaurants, so it is always bright, noisy and busy. I was a bit surprised to see the quiet, close-down side of it!! Seriously, it's not this quiet even at 3 or 4am normally.

Every shop/restaurant was closed. Only mini-buses were still running.

See, how "surprised" and puzzled I was to see everything closed down here!!

Whole street was empty!! (Normally it's crowded with people.) What a strange view!!

We were a bit disappointed at the quietness and thought that everywhere might be as dead as our street. But - luckily - we were wrong!! (And we were glad that we were wrong!!) Times Square was still crowded with people (and taxi)!!

Apparently, the extremely cold weather (the coldest Chinese new year in 12 years, according to the news) didn't reduce people's festive spirit and holiday energy!! Yay~ Happy Chinese New Year to everybody!!

Second Surprise - Peaceful street performance
As we turned around walking towards Times Square, we heard this really smooth, peaceful flute and guitar melody.

Two young guys were street-performing for the passers-by.

They had a little message on the floor. It was short but meaningful - who doesn't need a break, a little relaxation from this busy city rhythm?

Nothing complicated, just simply a flute and a guitar, familiar and peaceful melodies, and a lot of "heart"...
Unexpected on the Chinese new year night, but strangely soothing and comforting!!

Apparently I was not the only one who likes their music - lots of passers-by stood around to listen to them, and their guitar box was full of red pockets and dollar bills! Seeing musicians with good talents being appreciated makes me smile~ ^_^

Times Square

There was supposed to be a public celebration parade in the Kowloon side tonight around this time, so I was a bit surprised to see so many people over here at Times Square.

Mike has been obsessed about this gigantic, tall yellow "box" outside of Times Square for awhile now (since it was built...) What am I talking about? --> that yellow wall-like thing wrapped around the building, it is~

We thought the yellow mysterious box was going to come opened for the Chinese new year, but ,apparently not.... So, secret remained.... (sorry, Mike!)

Golden rat decoration outside of Times Square.

Though I have always thought they look more like piggy then rat!! =)

Story of a sick boy fighting cold

Somebody was trying to keep himself warm by tightening up his jacket's neck cover!! ;)
(Should have brought your pink little scarf, hehe...)

Okay, looking a little bit warmer now (though still shivering...) Poor little guy~

Inside Times Square

Neat Chinese new year decoration hanging from the ceiling.

Another neat floor decoration with blossoming flowers. And.... wait.... was that a little kid under it?!!

Oh my gosh... indeed, there were TWO of them, playing and hiding in the decoration!!!

They definitely made people's pictures much more "lively"!! =p

Mike's first attempt to hold the camera with his (ridiculously) long arm and take an "us" picture!! Hmm... my mouth (got cut off).....

Second attempt!! Much better!! =) Though I kinda like the first one too~ haha

My Energetic Kids Collection

My attention quickly got stolen by those two kids from before. They were now playing and rolling their toy cars around the vast empty ground.

Then they returned their playground back to the flower decoration. I was busy following them and snapping pictures =)

Not sure why their parents were not around, but the boys seemed to be enjoying themselves despite a strange girl (yea, that's me!!) following them with a big camera!! wakakaka... =p

They were SOOOOOOOO cute!!! Look at their little cute heads together!!

And they were moving around like crazy~!

"Hi there!~" ^_^ (Ooops... got caught!!)
I waved back at him!! hehe...

The whole time while I was chasing the kids around, Mike stood aside and watched me running around like an idiot. (Don't worry, he knew I love kids, otherwise he'd probably think "Oh my gosh... this girl is CRAZY!!!!)

My "Reflection" shot!! (Very artistic, isn't it? haha...)

Leaving Times Square

Even the escalator was less crowded than normal, probably because most of the shops were closed early during new year holidays.

Hehe... having a bit too much fun on the escalator! =p

Oh no, Mike has become a "shortie"!!! Look at his legs!!! =)
I like playing with perspectives.... ;)

Street views on the 1st night of the Chinese new year... relatively quiet...

And lastly...

The night closed with the dessert-loving girl going to a nearby traditional dessert house, getting her favorite sweet tofu Chinese dessert. Look at the intent gaze she had staring at all those yummy desserts =)

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