Thursday, February 14, 2008

Firework 2008 !!!! (Videos)

As always, I am late to update here about stuff that has happened! (As everybody knows, I am a VERY hard-worker, so... can't help! hahahah~) We were especially busy this week, since Mike's sister will come to visit from the US at the end of this week. We need to finish a bunch of work stuff before taking off to show her around... (So looking forward to it!!!)

Back to the Chinese New Year Recap
We took tons of pictures over the new year holiday. Hopefully I can upload them sometime later before I forget... hahaha.... ( I promise....soon.... )

First "must-mention" event - we saw some really amazing firework on the 2nd night of the Chinese New Year last Friday. It was absolutely the best firework I have seen in person!! The one in Tokyo that we saw last year was cool, because it felt like the firework was just up close over our head, but this HK Chinese new year one was probably better in terms of quality and strikingness.

The weather was so clear that night, a lot of people came out to watch the firework on both sides of Victoria Harbor. Mike and I arrived Tsim Sha Tsui around 7:40 and it was already crowded with people EVERYWHERE!!! The good weather and happy crowd encouraged us to take a crap load of pictures (and I took videos too!!) We each brought a camera, so we ended up taking our "normal amount of pictures" x 2!!! Crazy, huh? =p

That night was so fun that I could probably just keep writing about it. But since it's way passed bed time for me (yea, trying to get into the habit of getting up early in preparation for the marathon on Sunday), so I won't be blogging about all the stuff and pictures tonight. Let me share some videos to show you how awesome the firework was for now!!!

Firework Videos

The theme of firework this year was (of course) about the upcoming Olympic. First time ever for China to host a Olympic. They put in lots of Olympic elements into this firework show and made it fun.

The Olympic Rings
Can you spot the Olympic symbol in this scene? (hint: something circular...)

The Horse Tail
Hong Kong is going to co-host the horse racing events in the Olympic, so they made this easy-to-tell horse tail firework to promote about it!! Simple and cute. I like it!!

Giant Golden Blossom
I like this scene the best, especially the blossoming golden flower-like kind!! Totally fit for Chinese new year, the feeling of "fullness" and prosperity!!

Amazing Closing Scene
The last two minutes of the firework show was breath-taking. You can hear everyone kept saying "Wow... 'ho lang' ah (So pretty)!!!!"

Happy 2008!!! Yay!!!

I like the "in-motion" background!! hehe~

Can you tell Mike took this picture with his right arm?!!! I know I know... (He INDEED has ridiculously LONG appendages!!!)

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