Friday, February 01, 2008

For the first time in life, Amazon actually recommended something that is useful...

I hated Amazon recommendations usually because they are useless most of the times.

There is a little something you ought to know about Amazon...
God forbids that you once have bought something irrelevant to your interest from them, may be for somebody else, may be it's a joke gift, or a one time thing. Then there is no way to "erase" that record from the Amazon DB, so they will keep recommend you stuff remotely related to that thing that you bought 10 years ago for the next 20 years~
Don't believe me? Try buying a guy thong from them and you'll see... Don't blame me for whatever will happen to you in the next 20 years thou.... ;)

My Chinese New Year Presents

Fortunately for me, this time they actually recommended something that I am quite interested in!! =)
The first one is a book and DVD package called "Living Japanese: Diversity in Language and Lifestyles" that contains interviews with 37 native Japanese from age 7 to 75 on their diverse viewpoints on cultural and social issues!!
May be it's just me - but it sounds totally interesting and cool to me. (yea, I am still hooked on the Japanese culture even though my living-and-working-in-Tokyo dream didn't turn out as cool as I thought...)

The second one is a compilation of nine short, curious stories published in the Japanese magazine "Shukan Asahi". The book's name is "Reading Japanese in a Smile". Read a bunch of reviews online about this book. Supposedly an interesting read and the stories are "full of the magic element of fun". We'll see how big of a smile I'll have when I am reading this... ;)

Last but not least...

Need to say thanks to my not-so-secret Chinese-New Year Santa (^_~)v

And also thanks to my super nice "mail-girl" who will deliver them from overseas in person, heh heh!! (For those who don't know, trying to have US Amazon deliver stuff to HK is a pain... esp for your wallet...)
Yea, they will be my early Chinese New Year presents!!!!! YAY!!!

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