Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gathering and dinner with relatives

Mike and I had dinner with my dad's side of relatives from abroad last Sunday. I know my dad must have been very eager to see these pictures, so I gave them priority over my hiking pictures =D (haha... dad, see how much I love you?! ^o^ )

There were 11 of us at the dinner: Mike and I, Uncle 15's family, my aunt from Virginia, and my remote cousin and her husband from Austin, Texas.

On the left are Mei, my cousin from Texas and her husband. They are a bit older then Stephen and I. Their sons are my age already~

Stephen and Cary (my uncle 15's children) are my all-time favorite cousins. So I am always happy to see them!!

Cary, my little lovely cousin who will be graduating from HKU soon.

The lovely couple, Stephen and Winnie =)

My aunt from Virginia brought us some pictures of her new-born twins grandsons. Oh my gosh... they are VERY VERY VERY cute!!! Cary and I couldn't stop flipping through the pictures and even took pictures of the pictures, haha... (yea, you are witnessing the "Leung's family craziness" !!)

What's even more crazy is that - even though the babies are twins. If you look very carefully, you'll find out that one is more "mixed" and the other one is more Asian. The differences are very subtle. Can you tell who is which? ;)

We ordered a lot of dishes. And surprisingly, Mike actually *likes* the steamed fish, haha~

And Mike, as usual, has been busy taking his "natural" pictures of people when they were not paying attention!!

Group picture time - Uncle 15's family + Winnie + my aunt
(Cary, what is your left hand doing.....? Poor Stephen.....)

Everybody smiles!!!~

Winnie and me~ (and part of Stephen's chin too, haha)

Cary and me, the silly crazy daughters from the Leung's family

This one is my favorite one!! All four of us have very different emotions and expressions when Mike snapped the picture!

Party was over - on our way out of the restaurant

I missed hanging out with Stephen, Winnie and Cary!! Hope we can all go to play badminton soon!!!

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