Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dinner with an old old friend

I had dinner with Warren, a friend from primary school days tonight. We were not in the same primary school, but we knew each other through St James Settlement (which was a bit like an after-school childcare thing for kids with working parents). Among many other kids, we were the "first generation" kids of St James Settlement. I heard from a friend the other day that the settlement is still in service even up to now. Really quite amazing to see it in service for almost 20 years!!

Last time I saw Warren was at least seven years ago, when I came back to visit Hong Kong for the first time after my family immigrated to the States. After that we somehow lost contacts of each other. (Somebody and somebody were probably too busy with university work or dating or whatever... =p )

But thanks to the magic of Facebook, we were able to meet up for dinner.

Even though we haven't seen each other for AGES, we both quickly fell back to our silly childhood-selves, making fun and teasing each other. We have known each other for soooooo long that there were too many funny, silly, crazy "stories" to reminisce about and make fun of. (well... mostly I made fun of him, haha~)

Dinner was good and oh my gosh, the chocolate tiramisu cake dessert was sooooooooooo yummy!! The cake looked like it weighed a pound or even more!! I really didn't know how we managed to finish it!! (Should have taken pictures of the tiramisu cake, but I was too excited when it was brought to the table and couldn't wait to start eating, haha...)

After dinner we walked around a little bit (to help digest the pound of cake, heh ) and somehow wandered into a sticker pic center. I don't remember when was the last time I took sticker pics. Seriously it must have been 6 years or more!! Suddenly my "old cake" friend (Note: "Old Cake" - a Cantonese slang that refers to elders, old people ^_^ ) suggested to take some sticker pics. As a result, we, two "old cakes", walked in and bravely "explored" the various sticker pic machines.

It was actually pretty fun. I didn't know that you can add tons of graffiti and drawings onto the pictures nowadays. We went crazy and drew all kinds of random crap onto the pictures. It kinda reminded me of primary school Art class. Haha...

Finally, we got the end-product!!! Next step was to split the pictures. Such an important task, of coz - won't be my duty!! ;)

See... Somebody was already carefully cutting the pictures into 2 halves. ;)

"Hey, don't mess up my half!!!" ^o^ (Yea, I was definitely *not* trying to help here!! haha...)

Besides taking sticker pic we also toured around the sticker pic/game center place a bit.

Look what we found - Dan Don, my favorite mechanical cat from the future!! (haha.. once again, "old cake" stuff~)

You hear people say "kiss ass" a lot... but "kiss poo"?!?! Really first time.... dunno what we were doing!!! (Mr. Lau, thanks to all your *bad* influence!!!!)

It was always fun to meet up with old friends. I wish that I could gather more friends from primary school days or from St James' Settlement period and have a big reunion!! =)

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