Saturday, November 10, 2007

KT & Suky's HK Wedding Banquet

Mike and I went to KT and Suky's wedding banquet tonight. It was the first friend's wedding that I actually was able to participate in person, so I was pretty excited. ^_^

Preparing to go....

In the process of preparing to go to the wedding. (You could totally tell by the blue slippers that have betrayed my dressed-up look, haha... not ready yet~)

I was going to wear a a pretty blue sleeveless top with a pair of stylish dark blue jeans, but both Mike and my dad thought the purple dress outfit suited me and the situation better. (yea yea, not a big fan of skirts or dresses, haha... aftermath of going to an all-girl secondary school, I guess ;)

At the Banquet

We arrived at the restaurant around 8pm. First thing we witnessed was this moving moment ;)

KT and Suky were kneeling down and "pouring tea" to their elders.

It is a Chinese tradition in wedding to show respect to elders.

The newly-wed taking pictures with their families.

We were able to say a quick hi to KT after the "pouring tea" ceremony. Then KT and Suky had to rush back to the "backstage" to prepare for the start of the banquet.

The next interesting thing we saw was this:

A plasma TV showing video of their US wedding scenes =)

Would be really curious to know what message was on the cell phone that gave KT that interesting expression ;) Though come to think of it - that's a pretty normal "KT-style facial expression". Right, KT? hahaha~

Got seated at the table. Not sure what was going to happen next =D Yea, we were both "wedding attendee-virgins" ;)

Then we quickly found out that we don't know anybody there~ Was hoping to find some familiar faces....

Though we found out this cute little wedding gift on the table. Each attendee got one~ The boy and the girl in the picture are so adorable!!

Hey, look who's here too!!!

It's Ah man (阿文) !! Haven't seen him for ages!! Last time we saw each other was probably before he graduated from Berkeley and moved back to HK. He said he might not have recognized me if he sees me on the street before tonight, haha~ Did I really change that much?

Anton was supposed to come too, but he didn't show up =( Where are you, Anton?? Did you miss the boat from Macau? ;)

More Wedding Ceremony

Sorry about the abundance of "misc people's heads" in the pictures. We sat one table down from the stage (and yea, I am *short* as Mike likes to point out all the time), so..... Please wait for the official and professional pictures from KT and Suky if you want to see their pretty faces more clearly ;)

Cutting the wedding cake

Smile, Mr. and Mrs Tang!! =D


And of coz, can't miss the kiss!! Though it's a bit disappointed that they didn't play games with the bride and the groom!! You can't skip that!!!!!??

Midway through the banquet, the couple got up and walked thru all tables to receive blessings and congrats from the guests!!

Congrats from us!!! ^_^ Wish you guys be a happy happy couple forever!!!

Our "group" picture!! I meant, our small group picture, hehe~ Suky was soooo pretty in all the dresses, like a little princess!! ^_^

I wanted to catch up with them after their busy banquet tonight, but they are flying to Australia for their honeymoon already tomorrow morning...
Oh well... I guess I'll just have to wait till new year to meet them again in the States!!

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