Thursday, July 13, 2006


Haven't updated the blog for awhile. Many things happened, (mostly work-related though) will do a more detailed update later when I have more time and AFTER I GET MORE SLEEP !!! But the gist is -

1. A good old college guy friend got married on July 1st, but I was working in the office while his wedding ceremony was happening on the other side of the planet. Sad sad sad.... -__- wrong timing...
2. World Cup was over and I watched the few final matches at the office gym while running (yea, no TV at apt and probably won't get one at all)
3. Another good old college friend seems to learn how to stays away from the "dark side" and becomes much more positive. No more alcohol or talking about death!!! yay!!
2. Having a daily meeting from 8am to 9am and had to take a 10:30pm conference call with the NY team every other Wednesday =(
3. Work hours getting longer and longer (sigh)
4. Had my first dinner + drinking gathering event with co-worker last night which went from 7 to 11pm. Feel weird to see people you work with everyday at office gets drunk and talks so differently.... well... Japanese style, I guess. But, tiring...
5. Had home-cooked dinner twice this week. (Thanks Mike!!!) Gosh, I miss simple dinner and homemade veggie!!
6. Going to Hakone this (long) weekend
7. Yea, tomorrow is Friday!!
8. Desperately need MORE sleep!!

ZZzzzzzZZzzzz.... (-__-)z


mike said...

the sequence numbers above go 1 2 3 2 3 4 5 6... this should worry you. she's in finance.

carol said...

no, I just need more sleep.... z__z