Thursday, July 06, 2006

Japanese business men's lunch naps

I see something very interesting or particularly "Japanese" almost everyday here in Tokyo. This is what I found today -

Japanese salary men in suits napping during lunch
I wanted to read some documents today at lunch, so I picked a floor lobby with tables and chairs and started reading the docs while eating my sandwiches. I devoted my attention to the table next to me very soon though - there were 3 business men dressing in formal black suits sitting together at the same table. They were not eating nor chatting. They were just ... NAPPING. Yea, not kidding you. Simply, just having their eyes close, heads slowly resting towards one side on their shoulders, just.. sleeping!!!

I was soooo tempted to take a picture of this peculiar scene with my cell phone camera; however, I didn't want the stupid camera noise (that I have no way to turn off) to disturb this "peaceful" environment (for them anyways)!! They napped for about a total of 7, 8 minutes. (yea, I witnessed the whole process.) At the end one of the guys magically "woke" up, looked at his watch, woke up the other two guys and left the table.

I know European people are known to be very laid back and take lunch naps at home, but witnessing Japanese business men do it (in a group setting) at a company lobby is just.... hilarious and yet sad at the same time, almost the exact opposite of the Europeans.

Seriously though, you all crazy Japanese people - you work WAY too much!!!!

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