Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup at Work

It's very distracting when a semi-final world cup game was showing on a gigantic LCD TV right over your head AT THE OFFICE.

That's right. Did I ever mention that there are six, seven big LCD TVs at the trading floor where I am working at? Well... I guess the trading floor at Goldman Sachs Japan is nice... ^__~ The TVs are showing normal TVs, so from time to time when there is a baseball or basketball game showing, you might hear the American or British employees (yea, the foreigners are always the noisy bunch!!) cheer or yell.

Back to the semi-final match Germany V.S. Italy. For those who watched the game, you probably already knew how good the game was. It started sometime around 5pm Tokyo time, while I was still working at the office (well... of coz!!) The fact that it was JUST showing RIGHT THERE (over my head a little bit) was a seriously huge temptation!! I looked up from time to time to check the score for the first half and most of the second half of the match. And when I finally got the thing that I wanted to get done done, I immediately packed up my stuff and fled to the company gym downstaris to continue watching the match (while running on treadmill).

I had to admit the run was "enganging" and I didn't even realize I had run for almost 45 min when Italy made their first goal. The good thing about being neutral is that you don't get need to get too emotionally involved and are able to appreciate how good both team played.

I miss watching World Cup. The many years I spent in the US trained me to be "indifferent" about this worldwide sports event! Being in Asia again woke my World Cup spirit up. Though Japan is still no where compare to HK, speaking about World Cup Fever!!!

p.s. I think Juergen Klinsmann, the Germany coach, is superb charming and cute!! (yea, yea, I Know... my taste is .... "different"!! Hmm... I wonder what does that say about Mike.... hehe... =p )

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Jonathan said...

We don't have big TVs where I work but I prefer that - it means that the whole office clears out down the road to the pub when there's a game on! Cierra's work told them that it's fine for them to leave if there's a game on - just to try not to come back too drunk!
Shame it's over now :-(
(and that the cheating italians won!)