Monday, August 07, 2006

The most amazing fireworks that I have ever seen...

I have a huge blog debt that I need to "repay"... so much stuff is pending to be blog'ed; however, I just saw the most amazing fireworks last Saturday that it beated all the other "pending" events to be blogged and jumped to the head of the queue!!! =)

I had seen fireworks at Hong Kong and in the US, but nothing compared to the one that we saw over the weekend in Edogawa, a rural area 30 mintues away from Central Tokyo.

I would never imagine that one could experience fireworks in such a short distance - a few times I almost feared that the fireworks would fall onto me. Indeed, they felt THAT close. And big! And clear! And Pretty!! They were so big that you felt like they were just above your head, and you could almost touch them if you raise your arm!! The pounding noise the fireworks made went directly into your heart, deep and solid !!!

The firework was an hour and 20 mintues long (longer than any fireworks that I ever know of). Duration that whole time, everyone (not only us, the Japanese firework-newbie, but all the other Japanese audience as well) were so excited and you could hear すごい (awesome) the entire time!!

So here ya go!! Below are some videos we took attempting to capture the amazing-ness of the fireworks. But you really do have to watch it in person to truly experience the unbelivable atmosphere and the firework power!!

.. The entire firework show ran for a hour 20 minutes, longer than any firework show that I know of...

. I was told that it is very common to have firework shows in summer in different regions around Tokyo - Summer festival event type of things...

. Familes, friends gathered together, sitting, eating, laying on the ground, enjoying the fireworks together, very awesome atmosphere!!

. This one is called the "bee"!! See if you can spot them flying!!

. It's a very common tradition for Japanese girls and guys wear Yukata to see fireworks. (didn't get a picture of them wearing Yukata this time, but you can get an idea from the Yukata wiki page)

p.s. Thanks for the courtesy of Mike for selecting and uploading all these amazing videos. お疲れ様でした!

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