Monday, August 25, 2008

Primary School Gathering

It all started with a primary school graduation photo uploaded to Facebook...


Rex uploaded our 6th grade graduation photo; people started tagging each other; more and more familiar faces showed up; buddies from old days found each other again through FB, etc.

(I know not everyone is as geeky as I am, but sometimes you do have to appreciate the beauty of technology and how it really does "tie" people who have lost touch back together!) ^_^

Anyways, we were extremely lucky that we were able to reunite with many old classmates. And even more lucky that many of us made it to our first gathering!! (Thanks AuYeung for organizing it!!)


Amazing, isn't it?!


There were so many of us that we needed to sit in two different tables at the restaurant. This picture was taken from one table of the other table. (And don't ask me why Bread was making that face. I bet he must be talking about one of the "horror" stories about how he got "tortured" by one of the teachers back then!)


I was really happy to see Ida and Hazel. (Love Ida's hair!!!!) ^_^


We even got one of our old teachers, Miss Hui (bottom right), to come! She brought her son (bottom left) as well. It's was fun to have 3 "generations" of people together! =)


We went to grab drinks afterwards at a bar nearby.


Boys, don't be so shy and dodge from the camera!! ;)


Katherine came back from Sydney as well. I haven't seen her in ages!


Thanks Kent for being the "appointed photographer" for the night! I borrowed his DSLR and took a couple quick shots of him, so his face would "show up" on film as well. haha... (Though Rex on the other hand was totally trying to hide from or ignore the camera!)


We gathered everybody's emails and cells, establishing our SJS 6A Alumni network!! Yay!!

It's truly amazing to see how much we did NOT change from old times (^_~)v

And I am totally looking forward for the next gathering with all our "old buddies"!!

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