Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ginger Milk!!!

Long Break...

Long break since my last post. So many things have happened: the biggest event being traveling to Vancouver, Toronto, visiting family at SF and Mike's family at St Louis... Such a refreshing and awesome trip! Will post pictures of the trip later.

But First...

Topic of this post though is not about the trip (which can wait). What can't wait is my excitment from my "virgin" attempt at making Ginger Milk (姜汁撞奶) !! Everybody knows how much I love dessert. ^_^ Especially steamed milk, steamed egg, and sweet tofu type of Chinese desserts.

There is a really yummy traditional Chinese dessert place near my apartment. I visit them regularly each week to satisfy my sweet tooth. One of my favorite from that place is their hot ginger milk dessert. I accidentally found a recipe, and it looks simple enough with just 3 straight-forward ingredients: ginger, milk and sugar. Surprisingly, it tastes as good as the dessert house!! ^__________^ hohohohoho~


It tastes as smooth and yummy as it looks ;) And the best thing is - it's cheap and easy to make!!!


Looks like I am going to stock up on some milk in my fridge from now on!! hahaha~ ;)

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