Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post-Olympic Syndrome

Because of the "coincendental" timing due to my job situation, I actually got to watch a lot of Olympic this year. I don't think I have ever "participated" so much in any previous Olympics =) My favorites are (as always) badminton, ping pong, diving and swimming.


And lucky for me, since I am in HK this time, so I got to watch tons of badminton and ping pong that I normally would not be able to watch in the States! (yea, you know how NBC ONLY broadcasts the games that the US teams can win!)

Pre-Olympic Fever @ TST

I had some free time these few days (surprise surprise!!) and found some pictures that were taken the night before the Olympic opening. We went to Tsim Sha Tsui to feel the Pre-Olympic celebratory spirit among the HK crowd.


The Victoria Harbor is always our favorite night picture spot!


That night we arrived the harbor late so we missed the electronic light show by 5 minutes; however, our goal was actually something else - they have put up some large size decoration and models for the Beijing Olympic near the Clock Tower - and that's what we were really after!


But first - of course we won't miss the chance to appreciate our pretty Victoria Harbor @ night!


See the Beijing Olympic logo on the building?!


And for those who are as geeky as I am: That's right - Mike's shirt does say "Don't make me replace you with a very small script!" =D


IFC is still the tallest, most recognizable structure across the waterfront. (Yea, for those who have seen the latest Batman movie - that WAS the building where Batman flew down from its roof top!)

Olympic Celebratory Spirit


Hey look!! It's "Mike and the Fuwa"!


Finally we saw the "Water Cube" (水立方) decorational structure that they put in the Culture Center Plaza in celebration for the Beijing Olympic.


They have gigantic flat screen TVs inside where Olympic games would be shown the whole time during its opening hours.


At that time I thought this model was very pretty (with the lights and stuff), but what I didn't know was that the real Water Cube is actually 10x more spectacular!! Next time when I visit Beijing, entering the Water Cube and swimming there would definitely be one of my must-do agenda!! =)


We couldn't go into the structure that night because they were doing the last-minute preparation work for the Olympic opening the next night (yea, we went there on August 7th). But it's still cool to look from a distance though.


And of course - can't miss the Clock Tower - as classy as it always is.


I think I am suffering from the post-Olympic syndrome!! I already missed all the exciting and touching moments from the games!!

Guess I'll just have to wait another 4 years.....

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