Thursday, January 31, 2008

To my silly lovely mom and dad...

I didn't expect my previous entry would embark such parental attention from you guys - I thought it was so cute and sweet that both of you guys called me individually to urge me to buy a heater to keep warm! ^_^ hehe...

I felt like being a 10 year-old little spoiled brat all over again ;) Thanks!! I know I know, my usual "spoiled brat"-self might have sounded like annoyed on the phone, but deep down in my heart, I am very very thankful and moved!!!


Thank you for always loving me and supporting me unconditionally!!
Love you, mom & dad!!!

p.s. Though there is one IMPORTANT point I have to make -
I think my "money-saving" personality might have left too much of an impression on you guys since I moved abroad - I have to stress again - I did NOT "abuse" Mike and not let him buy coats or heater to keep warm!! (Where did you guys get that idea from???)

And I can't believe you guys will favor a "foreigner" over your own daughter!!!! (yes, pun intended!!)

LOL.... (^_~)v


Michael said...

Thank you auntie & uncle for saving me. Carol was torturing me, trying to freeze my fingers so I could not work and would have to stay home all day long and just cook and clean. You saved me from her money-saving tyranny!

Caroline said...

"Shut up and Go do your housework, WOMAN!!!!!"