Sunday, January 06, 2008

Taipei Trip Day 4 - End of a spectacular journey

Time flies by the fastest when one is happy, which is exactly how I'd describe our Taipei trip. Today was already the last day of our trip. We were taking the flight at 4pm back to Hong Kong. That means we pretty much had only half a day before we had to head to the airport (which took a bit over an hour bus ride to get to). We treasured our remaining limited time to -- EAT !!! =)

More Yummy Yummy Food

One of my favorite Taiwanese food was this pepper pork buns.

There was always a long line (sometimes more than one) at this apparently very famous corner shop, which specializes in making them, across from our hotel.

They made every single one of their pepper buns in front of their customers. Everything was meticulously clean, from the ingredients like the meat, the green onion, the dough, down to the tools like the counter-top, the chopsticks and even people's hands.

They sprinkled white sesame on top of the buns before they were put in the oven. Watching them make the buns is like an art. They were incredibly skillful and efficient.

This is the special oven used to bake the yummy pepper pork buns. The buns were stuck on the side of this deep, cylindrical oven. The shape and the way to arrange the buns supposedly give the buns optimal heat, so the buns will be crispy in the outside and the meat inside fully cooked with all the juice preserved. I've never seen an over like this before, so it's really eye-opening for me.

After about 15 minutes, the buns were done and ready to be sold. Everyone swallowed much saliva into his throat when the oven cover was opened, because it smelled SOOOOO GOOD !!!!!

Yay!! Happy gal got two fresh, juicy pepper pork buns!!

Crispy outside, juicy inside!! Right amount of pork and green onion, well flavored with pepper! Isn't it beautiful??!?! (It made me want to cry - such perfect food, such perfect art!!)

I can't wait anymore!!!! Itatakimasu!! (Let's eat in Japanese)

It's not until we inhaled the buns that we realized we needed something to drink, haha... Now you know how yummy and tempting the buns really were~ While queuing up for our drinks, our minds were already on what's next to eat!!

While searching for the next target for our hungry stomachs, we ran into this gigantic queue... What were they queuing for...???? Whatever it was, it must be GOOOOOOOD!!!

Answer was - Japanese Curry!!!

Though Mike and I could make pretty good Japanese curry at home, we trusted the locals. Judging from its popular demand, it must taste REALLY GOOD! So we became part of the gigantic queue without any hesitation.

And ooooohhhhooooo, it WAS indeed delicious!!! Almost comparable to our favorite Japanese curry shop in Tokyo, Little Spoon!! (We missed that restaurant a ton!!)

Mitsukoshi Food Mall

We somehow wandered into the basement food mall in the Mitsukoshi shopping center. Like its counterpart in Japan, they had tons of yummy-looking food there.

Fried rice that looked as good as its taste (or even better?)

Colorful Japanese rice-cake dessert.

Gigantic turnip cake?

And the popular Yakitori and Okunomiyaki - Japanese BBQ and pancake.

Numerous small food stalls selling different types of snacks in the food mall.

As expected, the sitting area was so crowded with people, with all kinds of yummy-looking, interesting food.

Last glimpse of the city

Finishing our long, enjoyable food round, it's time for us to get ready and say goodbye to this wonderful city! Taking my last chance to appreciate the city view....

The surroundings around Taipei Main MRT station. Heavy human and car traffic most of the time.

We passed by this small cafe and saw a guy working on his hardware class project through the cafe glass window. Interesting...

Sad moments at the Airport

We were sad that we were leaving...

I'll really miss this wonderful few days and Taipei!! Hopefully we'll come here again soon!!

Fun moments at the Airport

Mike had this huge, really heavy backpack containing all our clothes and laptop gears. I asked to swap with him to lessen his burden. He laughed.... (Help.... my shoulder!!!)

Why do Taiwanese people need a Hello Kitty Land in their airport??!?! Scratching my head....

Funny robot and goofy girl~

On the Plane

We saw this really pretty sea of colorful clouds. I couldn't help but keep snapping pictures. Somehow I was able to captured the beauty through the no-so-clean plane window though! =)

With that spectacular skyline view, our wonderful Taipei journey came to an end!!

We love Taipei!!! ^_________^

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