Saturday, May 03, 2008

Acrobatic Drama "Journey to the West"

We went to see an acrobatic drama/dance performance "Journey to the West" by Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe of China (中國廣州雜技團). The drama was adapted and based on the Chinese classic novel 西遊記.

I haven't seen any large scale live acrobatic performance before. So it was a real treat for me!! (Especially after the depressing experience and emotion from yesterday... sigh.....)

Anyways, back to the drama. I loved all the acrobatic stuns and the group dance performance. The girl dancers were all hot and pretty, hahaha....

My favorite scenes were the:

the "Monkey's Swaying Pole Climbing and Fighting" from Act I, where the acrobatic artists portraying monkeys performed risky acrobatics on bungee cords swaying thin poles.

the "Hoop Diving on the Trampoline" from Act IV, where 15+ acrobatic artistics jumped, dived and threw themselves through various small golden hoops of varying heights in amazingly crisp and quick moves,

and the eye-opening "Hand-to-Hand Stand" from Act III, where a male and female artist danced and posed in a series of impressive-looking, hard-to-balance and massive strength-required moves. I could never imagine two separate human bodies can combine and bend to form straight horizontal lines like that.

This performance had won a bunch of international awards and is on a world tour.

This promotional video gives you some highlights of the performance:

I wish my parents are here... I think they will be excited to see this with me!! =)

p.s. Sorry about the "nano" size of the photos. No camera is allowed in the theatre, so I can only "borrow" the pictures from the HK government website. ;)

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