Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yea!! Go Hong Kong Education!!!!!

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) just published their findings of their 3 yearly-long Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). See BBC report here. The PISA international rankings are based on tests taken by 15-year-olds in 57 countries. See full result here.

Reading Top-10
Math Top-10
1. South Korea 1. Taiwan
2. Finland 2. Finland
3. Hong Kong-China 3. Hong Kong-China
4. Canada 4. South Korea
5. New Zealand 5. Netherlands
6. Ireland 6. Switzerland
7. Australia 7. Canada
8. Liechtenstein 8. Macao-China
9. Poland 9. Liechtenstein
10. Sweden 10. Japan

I had big smile on my face seeing that Hong Kong ranked 3rd on both reading and Math.

"... The latest findings also show the extent of global competition in education - with the northern European countries now challenged by and overtaken by Asian rivals, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea...."

Yea!! Go Hong Kong!!!

Though I disagree with the focus of the university-level education in Hong Kong (not stressing enough in creativity), I do have fond memory of my primary school and first three years of secondary school education. Sure, it was hard, stressful, high pressure, and competitive; but it WORKS and works effectively!! Almost all of my friends who were originally educated in HK and then studied abroad have either achieved some amazing career or have attained advanced education degree in interesting fields. I am so proud of them, so proud of Hong Kong!!! =)

Though one thing that worried me though - skimming through the top 10 lists, the only country that I am considering settling down to build a family is .... Canada. (Sorry, I love HK, but HK is way too small and limited culturally to bring up kids, so....)

Worrying about my kids education.... |-__-|

(Why can't the stupid US gov get their shxt together, instead of spending $$ bombing other countries killing innocent lives, just focus on how to provide better education for their next generation, so we won't elect a retarded president again?!!!)



jon said...

I think HK has always been at the top though right? UK used to be high but now it's fallen by a lot :-(

Nice comment about the US though - maybe that's what the gov there wants!

Caroline said...

Yea, HK has always been up there. =)

I was expecting to see mainland-China on the top 5 list as well. Bit weird that they were not there. And guess what, they were not on the last study but will participate in the next one (held in 2009).

About the US.... aiiii.... =( nothing more to say.... just pure sadness and anger~~!!